Apr 012016

Wednesday, September 6, 2017 at 6 pm                          Salem Public Library

ghosts of groton bank coverhali keelerHali Keeler, Leslie Evans, and David Rose are residents of the Groton Bank neighborhood and are active in its various historical groups. Hali is retired from the Bill Memorial Library in Groton and is an Adjunct Professor at Three Rivers Community College in Norwich; she has written two textbooks for library support staff. Leslie is the Director of the Avery-Copp House Museum, and David is the Past President and current Treasurer of the Friends of Fort Griswold. Only one of their old houses is “spiritually active”.

Synopsis:  A hair-raising number of historic haunts–from sea captains who never returned home to soldiers who never left–exist in the half square mile called Groton Bank. Hali Keeler and her team navigate Groton Bank’s paranormal history.

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