Apr 012016

Thursday, July 20, 2017   6:30 pm                    Scotland Public Library

more connecticut lore coverZachary LamotheHailing from Norwich, Zachary Lamothe grew up in a house built in 1752 and from an early age was always intrigued by local lore and history. Zack studied New England history and folklore while a student at Boston University, attaining a degree in American Studies.  He is a frequent contributor to Norwich Magazine where he writes about history, community profiles, and tourism as well as other written and web based publications.  His first book, Connecticut Lore: Strange, Off Kilter, and Full of Surprises was released in 2013 and the sequel More Connecticut Lore was released in 2016, both from Schiffer Publications.

Synopsis: Journey through Connecticut using this unconventional guidebook containing 82 odd locations to visit on your next outing. Connecticut has plenty of strange and unusual history and folklore that will have you wandering slightly off the beaten path.


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