Apr 012016

Tuesday, July 25, 2017 at 6:00 pm                                        Jewett City  (Slater Library)

Kate Zapadkadory herman-sample with poison pattyCo-authors Dory Herman-Sample and Kate Zapadka are sisters in real life. Raised in Connecticut, both are avid travelers and mystery lovers. Dory lives in northern Virginia and is a nursery school director. Kate lives on a farm in eastern Connecticut and is retired from social service and teaching positions. Both love reading, good food, and boon companions.

Synopsis: Sisters Bee and Bel operate a tour company designed for the adventurous traveler.  The sisters’ impeccably planned trip through Italy is repeatedly derailed by one nasty participant.  Patty manages to alienate, infuriate, and embarrass each of the guests in turn, and threatens to make the word “American” a new and potent profanity.


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